Pastel Crush


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I’ve always admired pastel works in museums and I’ve easily felt in love with the process. I love the feeling they gave to the viewer with their messy, and unfinished, and rough, and raw aspect. But they are so glorious, and bold, and not afraid to speak things through colors. Here, a lovely composition with peonies, roses, poppies and ranunculus.

Size: 48 x 63 cm
Paper: 350 g/m2

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    Vibrant in style and a delight to look at, this floral collection is a painting ode to the marvelous nature of flowers. In my work, I’m striving to capture and embody the gracefulness of flowers for you to experience in your home. Every painting is both spectacular and poetic in it’s pursuit to capture different emotions through depicted mannerisms.

    Pastel technique on thick pastel paper. 48 x 63 cm. Listing is for unframed original painting.
    When purchased, this painting will be signed by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.