Passion Flower Earrings


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Do it with passion or not at all – a mantra that seamlessly applies to the earrings you choose to adorn yourself with. Wear them with fervor and the profound sense that they are an extension of your very essence, not mere trinkets you “ought” to wear. There exists no “ought” when passion does not reign supreme, when it fails to align with your values. The Passion Flower porcelain earrings possess the power to captivate you, to ignite an insatiable appetite for beauty within you and to tantalize your very soul with their aesthetic allure. 


  • Entirely handmade.
  • Easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Sustainable and no waste crafting.
  • Earring post and clutch made from sterling silver.
  • Each pair is carefully packaged in it’s own box for you or your loved one.
  • Try to keep your jewelry in the box when not wearing it.
  • Wipe your piece with a dry cloth.

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