Fascinating Sea Life


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Introducing a pair of porcelain earrings that define the very essence of beauty—a true masterpiece for those with a discerning eye. A pristine white backdrop sets the stage, complemented by subtle touches of green and ethereal shades of blue, evoking the serene allure of a secluded lagoon. Yet, their beauty doesn’t stop there. Perfect little porcelain pearls, like luminescent dewdrops, adorn each curve, cascading along the earrings’ surface with an unparalleled elegance. They infuse opulence and sophistication into every facet of these earrings.


  • Entirely handmade.
  • Easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Sustainable and no waste crafting.
  • Earring post and clutch made from sterling silver.
  • Each pair is carefully packaged in it’s own box for you or your loved one.
  • Try to keep your jewelry in the box when not wearing it.
  • Wipe your piece with a dry cloth.

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