Jeune Silk Scarf 50 x 70


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Feminine energy is unleashed in an intimate and deep sacredness, with the sole purpose of worshiping all that is beautiful in an impeccable ensemble of details. The Jeune natural silk scarf embodies the essence of fine elegance, a color palette that celebrates delicacy. It’s like a dollop of whipped cream left on your parted lips after enjoying your favorite cake. All scarf models created by Diana Cojocaru are sewn and sewn by hand.

Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm

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    • Created as a product that can accessorize a whole range of attires.
    • High quality print.
    • Each scarf carries the distinctive signature of the artist.
    • Can be worn during any season.
    • Produced sustainably with the slow-fashion movement in mind.


    Keep your scarf in a dry place.
    Iron it with a piece of cotton on top of it on the minimum setting of the iron.
    Dry clean to keep the colors as strong as possible.
    Try to avoid spraying perfume or other products on the fabric.