Statement Earrings
Diana Cojocaru’s gold detailed statement earrings start out as a lump of clay and are hand sculpted, hand painted, burned in the oven and detailed with 24k gold. Each collection draws inspiration from nature and the beauty of watercolor painting. From the heights of the cosmos to the depths of the sea the collections brings confidence and calm in the mind and soul of the wearer while inspiring and bewitching the onlooker. With an original design and beautiful, unique combination of colors, these tiny works of art are nowhere to be found but here. Each collection features a certain theme and details. From the very complex Sculptural, Gemstones and Sea Life collection to the more easy and cute Cloud shaped earrings, we guarantee that every piece has been given all the needed attention. Through the process, a large number of pieces get lost or are not good enough to see the light of day. This is the result of our search for beauty. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy creating it.